Vigo Slowly – 6 (Some Hi Res Pictures)

Pippin Heading to Cedeira

Cedeira Bound & Looking for the Sun

Cedeira – Found the Sun

Cedeira, Cute

Cedeira up River



NOT Where I Wish to be!!!

Long Way Down

You can Zoom in on these Hi Res Images, if you want

There are a number of inshore dangers along the thirty nautical miles of coastline  between Cedeira and El Ferrol,  including reefs, headlands and shoals, the latter 2 being particular dislikes of mine – particularly if located  in the Irish Sea.  Here, at least, you can feel warm whilst you struggle with the elements, though best stay out to sea on a bad day as I chose to do today.

Pippin gets a Wiggle on


George Clooney Aboard

I chose the quiet of early morning for my potential fight with the anchor, but Mr Rocna appeared without struggle and a belly full of mud.  Outside the Ria a sloppy beam sea annoyed as I headed seawards to clear all dangers.  Pippin was rolling so heavily, that the oranges broke loose one by one and the mushrooms poured off the work surface en masse to join them, like lemmings off a cliff.  But I was more than a match for them and used the leaks to hold the recaptured mushrooms.


Then the gas ran out – it always happens when you are busy at sea, never in harbour but I had spares, so the coffee ritual was held, on time and with due ceremony.  A  lady at A Coruna told me on VHF radio, Channel 10, to expect NE Force 5/6 and a moderate sea.   She was right and  I was glad to have headed a little offshore, for we could make maximum use of the wind; so off Pippin went, telling me quite clearly that she did not need the mainsail, as she took off into the high 5s pulled by the Yankee fore sail.

Pippin is much too posh to plane off the ‘big daddies’, but she was very happy to lift her skirts and gallop neatly down the 2 metre high wave fronts, heading into the high 6s as she did so, impressive with wind just off the stern and only the Yankee in action.  I call her ‘Teflon Girl’ now, for she  just slips along whatever the wind strength and the inadequacies of her skipper,  and by now I was having so much fun that I relegated Hastings to bit part player.

Six nautical miles out, off the entrance to El Ferrol, I adjusted course to close the new breakwater in between the hazards of Bajos Tarracidos to port and Banco de las Laixinas to starboard, both marked by fishing boats.  Occasionally a ‘big daddy’ offered me a salty but friendly handshake in the cockpit, but in a much more  friendly way than their cold, aggressive Guernsey cousins.  We’d covered the best part of 30 nautical miles at nigh on 6 knots; I was happy with that.

Pippin headbutted 1.5 knots of ebb tide as we headed up the Ria to Mugardos, opposite the commercial harbour, where I sent Mr Rocna down 6.5 metres to explore.  It was hot, I was starving and my 2 day old chicken curry was ace!  Even better,  I had received welcome news that Emi, my Spanish mother in law, may be able to visit me here tomorrow.

Below are Three Pictures Taken in Mugardo, where Pippin is at Anchor




EI Ferrol doesn’t have many good write ups that I can see, which perversely is partly why I headed here.   After all, others might be put off from coming and it is a naval base, so for me, interesting.  Franco liked the place too; he was born there, though I suspect that may not be an attraction for some.  Anyway, I am anchored off Mugardo, a mile or so across the Ria from El Ferrol.  Its a tight spot, though picturesque and I’ll see how it goes.  Certainly officialdom appears to be welcomely absent, always a blessing and there are no signs of any other visitors.  In fact, it is so quiet, I suspect everyone is on lunch break at 1530.

I’lI inflict this on you now and post again from the next spot.

Adiós from SV Pippin



By ajay290

9 comments on “Vigo Slowly – 6 (Some Hi Res Pictures)

  1. Dear John

    Lots of great photos – Thank you. I didn’t know you had a Spanish mother-in-law! One lives and learns. All quiet here in Salisbury before the family onslaught in a week or so when Dom and Johanna visit from Singapore with Josie and Oliver, and of course the Windsor and London Mellors are out for a few nights with us. The leeks for anchorage were inspirational!



  2. Hi John…………keep it coming….wonderful story. Just back from Dielette. My only adventure was thick fog but wonderful equipment. Gary’s wife died so we have come back to support him. Funeral next week then see where we go. Enjoy Spain. Rog

  3. So …. you’ve traded Tom Cruise in for George Clooney. Very wise. Good to hear Pippin is thriving out there with you.

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