Welcome to my Blog Site in Which I Relate some of my Sailing Adventures

It all began with my  Sadler 290, which isn’t a big or particularly grand boat, but it did for me and was my steed for many an  adventure, particularly a solo voyage in 2015 from my home in Guernsey to Shetland and back.  No deadline, no complicated fixed plan beyond  “cross the Channel (from Guernsey), turn left – I am right handed so prefer clockwise – and see what happens … and if I hit Norway, GREAT!

This is 0300 off the South coast of the Isle of Wight, A-Jay en route to Alderney

Such were my feelings then since when my ambitions have grown a little and yes, Norway remains on my list.

My little Sadler found a new home in 2017 and the journey continues in Pippin, a Francis 34 Pilothouse.

To journey well, you don’t need big geography – to average 9 knots with a F7 up your chuff down the Solent from the Needles to Gosport, or to do a 3 hour bash to Alderney surfing at 12 knots up the Swinge – each can be as much a journey well made, as a 6 day Biscay voyage.

For me, to journey well is to arrive wherever, challenged but safe and with joy.

By ajay290