2016. Wedding Bells in Madrid; A-Jay’s Baltic Plans on Hold

Well 2016 saw much more important activities than long distance sailing, like the marriage of our son Sam to the lovely Emi, in Madrid.


Dreams happen anytime though, so 2016 was also the year of dreams and it was to the Baltic that my dreams led, until 2017 when A-Jay sailed to a new home and Pippin, my Francis 34 Pilothouse, joined me here in Guernsey.  Like an excited schoolboy, we set off to nearer pastures with many incidents and adventures.  Life is never dull at sea.

Its never dull on land either, for 2017 saw the arrival of Sam and Emi’s daughter, our first grandchild .

Anyway, as ever my sailing plans remain fluid (!), the routes elastic and half the fun is in the planning, the remainder in the execution.