Statistics and a Book

Hello everyone,

Now that I have my ‘land legs’ back and additional ballast around my waist, I delved into the inner workings of the A-Jay Blog Site to dig up some statistics which, whilst well behind Adele or Goldfrapp, nevertheless are to me, surprising.  After all, I appear to have a fan in Azerbaijan!

Anyway, here are ,the statistics;

2 1/2 months after the voyage, visitors keep coming.  There have been 6,434 ‘Views’ from all over the World (even Jersey!), and almost 1,314 ‘Visitors’.  I received 193 ‘Comments’ but perhaps tellingly, only I person ‘Liked’ it!  April and August were the most popular months.  Apparently ‘Thursdays at 1000’ was the most popular day to visit the site.

So, to whoever it was who ‘Liked’ the site, thank you!  So did I! 🙂

Its taken a while to get round to it, but here is a link to My Maps, which shows A-Jay’s Guernsey Shetland route.

for now, toot toot!!


By ajay290