Pippin Tarries in Crosshaven

Crosshaven, home of the famous Royal Cork Yacht Club, where we tarry as inmate Bravo Two Zero.  It is a gorgeous little place, laid back, pretty, friendly.  The only difficulty will be summoning the will power to leave, which I plan to do on Saturday bound for the Wild West.  Make sure you have enough rations when yo go there, mournfully espoused a next door skipper.  Enough rations!  My boats are weighed down with rations,  boot tops dragging in the ‘oggin.  A sinister message none the less, which conjured images of starving matelots struggling across huge ocean rollers, wild, rugged dark coasts to leeward, galley bare.

Joined by Angie for a leisurely static week, we have met nothing but kindness.  Shopping for top up rations, for the boot top had surfaced, the check out lady informed us it was the 220X bus, NOT the 220 we needed to get to Cork.  The lady in the Cronin pub, who later took our booking for supper, further explained that one got off the 220X in one place in Cork, but caught the return in quite another.  Only in Crosshaven.

It hasn’t been incident free, as is typical of this skipper.  We have not moved an inch, turned a prop or raised a sail and yet …… the old dinghy slipped silently beneath the waves as its air tubes finally gave up.  No problem except a lovely, black, new Suzuki outboard went with it.  On our return from exploring I found the carcass on the pontoon, outboard forlornly attached.

Of course even Mr. Suzuki was not going to cooperate without some TLC and to give this skipper a tiny bit of credit, I got him going though he was not happy.  So a call, Mr Suzuki left outside the marina office unattended for collection for it is that kind of place.  Off he went in my absence to I was not quite sure where.

Meanwhile, a new dinghy was ordered and took an age to arrive – we tripped over it as we left to explore, a full 45 minutes after ordering it.  Only in Crosshaven.

An email on our return informed us of the considerable degree of TLC extended to Mr. Suzuki all for the cost of one Guernsey engineer looking at it and deciding what was to be done.  Only in Crosshaven.

What I haven’t confessed is that we had caught the bus in haste to a dentist.  Explaining to the charming receptionist at the RCYC that an emergency filling was required as I had lost a joust with an olive pip the evening before, she picked up the phone.  “Just tell me straight” said she very loudly into the mouthpiece, “can you or can you not give this gentleman an emergency appointment this morning, YES or NO?????!!!!!”  25 minutes later I was in the chair.  Only in Crosshaven.

Bad things are meant to happen in threes.  I make it 4 now; autopilot AWOL, engine starter on the blink, sunken dinghy & submerged outboard and broken tooth.  This must mean I am owed one ……… we’ll see.  Good night.




By ajay290

3 comments on “Pippin Tarries in Crosshaven

  1. Don’t ever give up your blogs, you are so good at it ! As I’ve previously said you are our Bill Branson. Pity you’ve given up A-Jay but Pippin will be better for your Athiritis.

    • You are very kind Richard. The 290 is an awesome beast and I thoroughly enjoyed my 8 years with her. As you say, Pippin is better for an creaky older geezer like me. The plus for me, I have discovered, is how incredibly well she sails.

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