Farewell Emerald Isle

It’s the people you meet, not the personal triumphs you achieve that make a journey special ….. Nigel was from Poolbeg, now lived in Arklow and was the proud owner of CoCo, all 38 feet of her. No mean sailor he had done a leg of the BT Global Challenge, through which he had met Pete Goss.

He handed the keys of his car to Pete and so began a memorable day out in the mountains inland from Wicklow. Fortunately more pub lunch and cream tea than yomping, I was pleased to note. It was nice to be able to actually see the scenery for once, though Irish rain could not leave us entirely alone.


Looking Down from Sally’s Gap



Look Closely, the Bath Plug is a Joke☺

Sipping a Coke that evening, I listened to the proprietor’s story. Made redundant when times were hard he declined to take his company pension, trusting that things would remain as they were, but things worsened and what he expected would be his monthly income became his annual income. Time to put bad luck aside and find work again, which he did with resolution and a smile.

This will be the last notes written here for some time as I sense Team A-Jay will be at sea awhile, so the rest of this blog will be born from scruffy notes along the way. Meanwhile the sun is my friend, Fair winds are expected, so tomorrow we leave though I expect to see little of Pete and Tracey Goss, except the fast disappearing, elegant stern of Pippin for I suspect Pete is a tad competitive!☺

Toot toot

By ajay290

4 comments on “Farewell Emerald Isle

  1. More cream teas than yomping sounds rather on the money from here in Salisbury. Our latest marine adventure was in North Norfolk from Blakney and a trip to see the seals with Nat, Paula, Cecily and Ben when we were together in a cottage Paula had arranged for Nat’s ( no. 1 son) 40 the birthday. We stated at Cley next the sea, and a good time was gad by all. Lots of crabbing and visiting sites. We caught up with Maurice and Nancy Strike who retired to Overstrand by Cromer from St Pierre du Bois. Happy sailing despite the weather forecast. Cheers

    Paul and Lindsey. 🙂

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  2. Safe sailing, John. We are just back from France, readying for the start of term and Nikki’s further treatments. I think your rains have transferred here as last week was a wet as I can remember in summertime. But we did have a couple if lovely days to end the week….

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