16th May – North to Milford Haven (Part 1)


Evening in Padstow

Having enjoyed supper shore-side last night, its back to shipboard rations for our last day in Padstow.  The Skipper’s brunch is an impressive affair when in harbour, though I say it myself.  Naturally no such repast can be considered complete without Black Pudding, but I find that asparagus goes beautifully with it.  Mind you, I do miss Guernsey butter to sauté it in.

Feeling a little exercise was needed I set off to do the washing via a lengthy chat with a lovely holiday maker, who was sitting on a dockside bench within touching distance of A-Jay.  Back aboard and with the washing strung up, he asked what message my signal flags (washing) represented.  “Help!!” seemed the only sensible answer.

At that moment, a feathered Squadron Leader from 617 Squadron came in low and with unerring accuracy released his bomb load – I doubt it was a female, for she would have shown respect for my washing.  It was more of a ricochet than a ‘bull’s eye’, but I was impressed.  Of course it was on the night of the 16th May – anniversary tomorrow – that the Dambusters made their epic raid, so I guess he was getting a little late practice.  He should do well.

I had hoped to hire a bicycle for a few hours, but what with passage planning and washing, I limited myself to a town walk and a visit to the National Lobster Hatchery; fascinating.  Did you know that lobsters have no need of anti-ageing cream?  Their cells don’t age like ours and they can live to 100 years or more given a chance.  Did you also know that they can regrow a leg (sometimes lost during moulting), reach 1.4 metres in length and that female lobsters can lay 20,000 eggs, though 19,991 don’t seem to make it ….

Even Padstow Harbour Wall is Gorgeous

Even Padstow Harbour Wall is Gorgeous

Padstow is very lovely and busy with visitors even this early in the season.  Americans and Germans seem to love the place, perhaps because it is clean, tidy and orderly.  It is disappointing if you need chandlery (there is none) and supplies are limited, but great if you want quality B&B or Cornish made artefacts.  ‘Quaint, restful, quintessentially British’ seems to sum it up.


Looking Uphill out of Padstow

It’s time to go, so we will slip out through the lock and into the dawn tomorrow at ‘o-sparrow-fart’ and turn Team A-Jay’s bows North towards Milford Haven, having given Pentire Point and the dangers off Rump Point a sensible offing.  The forecast is likely to be NW (sigh!) 4/5, occasionally 6 with cloud and sunshine and the journey will be approximately 75 nautical miles.   Team A-Jay will cross the mouth of the Bristol Channel, marked by Hartland Point Lighthouse (built in 1874) to the South and St. Gowan’s Head to the North passing Lundy Island at the Southern end.  We’ll play ‘push me’, ‘pull me’ with the tide, but over 12 hours or so, the overall effect should be neutral.

There is a military flavour to this leg, with warnings that submarines like to play in the area and that the Catlemartin Range Area extends well out to sea, though the guns should fall silent this Saturday – we hope.

All being well, we will drop the hook inside the mouth of Milford Haven in Dale Bay, which Angie reminded me was something of a family favourite when she was a child – this little bay witnessed the sinking of the ‘Dixon-one-design’, so I hope not to repeat family history.

I’ll send this now as the fishing boats arrive to offload their catch, lest my destination is not covered by wifi …. Toot toot


Slipway Padstow Inner Harbour


Padstow Inner Harbour


Harbour Entrance


Quaint Padstow Street

By ajay290

5 comments on “16th May – North to Milford Haven (Part 1)

  1. Dear John

    Hope the wind and weather take you safely across the Bristol Channel to Milford Haven – another place of fond memories. My first visit was to Dale Fort on an A level geography field trip and the enormous sands at Dale blew my mind. Lindsey and I returned many years later, and now many years ago, and found wonderful eating places in Haverfordwest. If time allows do make a trip to see the cathedral at St David’s recalling that in medieval times two pilgrimages to St David’s equalled one to Rome!



    Sent from my iPad


  2. Hi Paul, just dropped the hook in Dale Anchorage, don’t know if I’m punched, bored or counter sunk yet but will get my bearings on the morrow! Cheers for now JMW

  3. Really enjoying the blog …….. thought you might of given Rick Stein’s restaurant a go while in Padstow!

    • mmmmm …… one of the less enjoyable aspects of solo sailing! Sorry to have missed you on Paul and Jo’s great day but I’ve heard it as a fabulous occasion!! toot toot

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