Weymouth Town

A-JAY Guestbook 18/04/15 – 26/04/15

DATE                         VISITOR                                                                       NOTES

18/04/2015              Annie Shilston                                                              Drove 2 hours to visit!  Wow!!

18/04/2015              Martin Shilston                                                             Special people 🙂

18/04/2015              Bud (Budweiser Shilston)                                           The dog

20/04/2015              Caroline Ford                                                              Lovely Sister

21/04/2015              Trevor Batcheldor                                                        Builder of the most outrageous AC Cobra, heard long                                                                                                                      before seen!  All round good egg….photo to follow 🙂

22/04/2015              Caroline Ford                                                               To meet Glenn Ford and see new house

23/04/2015              Ed Ford                                                                         Royal Marine Commando – nephew (TBC but sadly                                                                                                                         unlikely)

23/04/2015              Betty Ford                                                                     Gorgeous – niece (visit TBC) plus fiancee Phil

25&26/04/2015        Sarah Willis                                                                   Brilliant and gorgeous – daughter

Sam Willis                                                                     Not bad either – son!! 🙂

To all my visitors I say a huge heartfelt thank you!!!!!!!!!

I have calculated that if I tarry so long at every stop a}. the budget will blown and b). I won’t be back before the end of 2016, so really must start that passage plan for the journey Westwards!

Nevertheless, Weymouth is a great place, with real character – fish & chip shops, cafes, bars, boats, craft shops, entertainment, estate agents, solicitors and real people – a bit of everything and it’s pretty too.  I am getting used to popping outside in the morning and finding little legs dangling over the quay-side, children’s eyes fiercely focused on a fishing line, willing Mr. Crab on to the lure, oblivious of anyone or anything else.

You have to keep an eye on ‘elf & safety’ in Weymouth though, or you’ll be flattened by a mobility scooter, some of which look very racy …. Talking of racy, when Trevor and I arrived at the pub in THAT car, the entire bar staff came out into the car park to see what was going on as an AC Cobra doesn’t just arrive, it ARRIVES!!  I suspect we were a disappointment, but the car got the expected accolades.  Me? I felt like Biggles must have felt landing after an heroic sortie …. and the steak and kidney puddings were special…great day!


Housekeeping slipping a bit!


Something always happening here….


The Oberststurmbannfuhrer’s Orifice…


No need to walk anywhere in Weymouth….


View from the Poop Deck


A quick sketch in words of lovely Weymouth Quay  …..

Weymouth Quay 

“Harbour mouth, CONDOR squats, wings folded

Protector of the the old listing barque 

Orange lifeboat, still guardian knight

Brings real comfort to sailors passing


Cove Quay in the bend a bit beyond

Faces the Harbour Master’s Office

From whose view and the visitor dues

No boat skipper can escape for long


Stone and brick, dormer views, lichen roofs

Line the quay, lead to the lifting bridge

Past the eyebrow window-ed yacht club

The spans lift at 8, 10, 12, and 2


Allow yachts to move whither bound

Past the fishing boats and whizzy RIBs

Journey’s end or just the beginning

A wonderful place to rest awhile


The George, Ship, Royal Oak, Rendezvous

Quay side stand, magnet for the thirsty

Pavement table, cool wine or smooth pint

Slake the thirst and watch the World go by


Weekends bring visitors to the Quay

Precious time, so short, to chill awhile

Little people dangle string in hope

That Mr. Crab will take just their bait


SKY TV, the football match, a beer

Or three, a loud throng from Old Rooms Inn

Jostling amicably with others

Blends the spirit of Weymouth Quay.”

Running repairs required a classic JMW botch-job or two, a mix of epoxy, brute force and string, a combination I am quite good at.  We’ll see how the  main-sail stack pack and autopilot fitting respond to such treatment, as we head West, bound for Salcombe next week.

Right now the sun is shining and there is exactly 0.1 metre of water beneath our keels.

Toot toot for now …..

Skipper tries a selfie....

I think this is called a ‘selfie’….

By ajay290

5 comments on “Weymouth Town

  1. Very glad to see you rode the rough sees between civilisation and GB! Weymouth looked very pretty in the sunshine. Onwards and upwards… Keep the reports coming, and be careful! Rach and Ted xx

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