Terceira postscript

Christian, possibly the best sailor among us, and certainly the most modest and unassuming, received a Jester burgee from George, representing the Jester Helm. Christian was absolutely delighted and shot straight up his mast to fly it!

A very happy Christian
Christian begins to realise what’s coming. Graeme looking on
A delighted Christian received that famous burgee ……..
and shoots straight up his mast to fly his new burgee
Rony takes coffee

Meanwhile for those of us still here, there was always time for tea or coffee and conversation aboard Pippin, the Jester mother ship admired by all.

Glenn and George come by
Duncan with his lovely new tiller

Glen made this gorgeous tiller of a local cedar type wood, laminated and glued with epoxy. The incredible things is its weight, no more than perhaps a kilo or so. Having checked it for size, Glen took it home to epoxy. Duncan was delighted and will leave here with his little ship better fixed up than ever before.

Now as I look back, I reflect more on my journey, which is nicely put into perspective by the table below;

Brian JuddSylviaSadler26’09/07/21 0650
Donald HeathGuppy UnchainedDjango 77025’07/07/21 0740
Duncan LougeeMinkeFolkoat25’11/07/21/1050
George ArnisonGood ReportClassic sloop31’11/07/21 1050
Graeme ShinwellPanaceaAlbin Vega27’06/07/21 0610
John AppsAreliaInvicta26’10/07/21/0230
John WillisPippinFrancis PH34’06/06/21 1830
Justin ButlerRoquettaTwister28’07/07/21 0230
Christian GallotKalavalaSea Breeze31’05/07/21  0930
Stephen MooreyHelixTwister28’DNS

The routes (above – Pippin red) each competitor took and the messages sent along the way can be better seen at Jester Azores Challenge 2021 – Jester Challenge (wordpress.com). Brian somehow managed to find time to write a book on his tiny Garmin Inreach during his voyage, quite a feat in a 26′ boat tossing around on the rumbustious ocean!

I pretty well sailed the route I had planned, with no down wind sails, just the yankee one side and main the other when running, without a pole. Pippin goes very well like this and I probably only lost out marginally to the spinnaker flyers, but where Pippin came into her own was the rough stuff during the last 4 or 5 days. She has the weight and hull shape to cut to windward very well, and to keep going almost whatever the conditions, something I found most reassuring. One Jester reckoned that there were gusts of 60 knots where he was, but I stopped looking when it topped 40! Whatever, Pippin was quite happy under staysail; overall I am more proud and impressed with her performance than my own though I guess I had a hand in her progress.

GOOD BY LOVELY TERCEIRA (courtesy of Rony & Katrine)

Terceira bureaucracy is delightfully laid back if a little long winded, with lots of bits of paper for even the simplest things. It reminded me of my time in Kinlochbervie in 2015 just below Cape Wrath in Scotland, where I was adopted by the locals for a few days as I sat out a gale. One talked of this and that, and that and this, usually over several cups of tea or hair restorer, before much was achieved.

Frankly there is only one way to deal with it here – change down a few gears, smile and go with the flow; chat back and never mind the 20 people behind you as was the case when I went for my Covid test. Seconds for the test, 20 minutes for the chatty bureaucracy, which isn’t without error for I discovered they had mistyped my email address, which is critical for the result.

In the evening, Rony , Katrine, Jester George and I dined convivially at a street cafe where I enjoyed fried octopus and little mackerel. This morning Rony cast off, heading his lovely Victoria 34 Blue Alligator off to Santa Maria. A little later I helped George cast off in his wooden sloop Good Report, beautiful, wayward astern and slow to turn – not the best traits for marina manoeuvres but he got away very nicely, also headed for Santa Maria. With their departures I felt the final chapter of the book of the Jester Azores Challenge 2021 close; it felt lonely.

Back aboard Pippin, I checked again for my test result, the last piece of my departure arrangements and one I shan’t relax about until it arrives. If it doesn’t, I’ll be posting again from here!!

By ajay290

4 comments on “Terceira postscript

  1. Hi, John, will you be coast-hopping home, visiting some of rhe splendid places you passed on the way out. Olr are the Covid precautions going to defeat you?

    You will be able to swing the lantern for me when you get back, so I can enjoy some vicarious sailing, as Tahitienne is ashore for maintenance, for a couple more weeks.

    So, wishing you fair winds and an enjoyable sail home.


  2. John, could you pls send me your email address. Thanks Patrick pcjlaine@gmail.com

    On Sun, 18 Jul 2021 at 12:33, The Solo Voyages of Pippin, a Frances 34 Pilothouse wrote:

    > ajay290 posted: ” Christian, possibly the best sailor among us, and > certainly the most modest and unassuming, received a Jester burgee from > George, representing the Jester Helm. Christian was absolutely delighted > and shot straight up his mast to fly it! A very happy ” >

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