Down time in Terceira – 2

Operation Rudder – Duncan,George, Don, Colin

Irrepressible Brian the caver and friend Colin, also a barmy caver, dived with snorkels to refit Duncan’s rudder, lost due to a split pin failure. I cannot begin to express my admiration for Brian, who seemed to thoroughly enjoy the whole operation like a puppy with a toy.

Operation Rudder – George, Don, Paulo, Brian, Colin, Duncan
Terceira Marina view

Today was almost the first day that the clouds lifted from the nearby hills to reveal these lovely views from the marina. Almost next to me are Rony and Katrine, who have done so much for me. I mention them by way of grateful thanks but also because they have fallen so in love with the islands, that they are buying a full time home on the beautiful little island of Santa Maria. They have a Victoria 34, the same hull as Pippin, minus the pilothouse. Yes I am surrounded by real friendship and support, which has helped me more than I can say.

Terceira Marina view

If you don’t mind, I will let the pictures that follow tell most of the story. They were all taken during our wonderful tour with Hildeberto, and his Taxi Amigo. He asked for no payment, though we bought him lunch and gave him a tip at the end with which he was so delighted.

Holsteins graze peacefully – there is a herd of Guernseys here too! Twice a day, the farmers come with portable milking machines and the cows gather to be milked, without any need to herd them. The dairy then collect the milk from the various pumping units around the island. There are more cows than people, for farmers receive subsidy for each animal. What I can say is that the beef, from these placid unstressed super fit animals, is wonderful. From here we looked out across what is known as the the Quilt. Most of the rain falls in this and the central are of the island, so the people leave it to the cows!

Here on Monte Brasil, British anti aircraft guns, installed in WW2 and never used, point blindly at the sky. Nearby is a monument shown below to the unfortunate Alfonse 6. Lame and apparently mentally deficient, he was most unfortunate. However, he was clearly intelligent for his words are most poetic. Described as the king, his brother took the throne, his wife and his freedom and Alfonse wrote to the effect; “I am king, but never reigned, I am married but with no wife, I am free yet a prisoner”.

A typical view out from the heights, this from Monte Brasil.

Jester Don communes with Alfonse 6.

The Holy Spirit Chapel at Judeau, SE corner of the island. There are 71 of these chapels, none controlled by the Church but for the people and run by the people; understandably the Church aren’t happy but I know where my sympathies lie. They are not places of worship, but places you go to say a prayer or to use the sceptre to make a blessing and they are highly valued and carefully, lovingly maintained. Whilst we were there, a farmer stopped his truck, with which he was towing a cow in a trailer, came inside, took the sceptre, climbed onto the trailer and blessed the cow – which was on its way to slaughter!

The farmer blessing his cow with a sceptre.

The Jesters doing what they do second best to sailing! This was lunch during the tour at Os Moinhos restaurant in Sao Sebastiao – a beef pot meal, alocal dish not unlike our beloved Guernsey Beanjar, perhaps without the explosive after effect!

I know there are people who will be interested in rock formations, so here is a typical shot of layered rock. There are two types of lava – one very hard and one very soft.

A typical beach lave scene, this one near the natural pools at Biscoitos.

A small volcanic crater, now with a shooting range across its bottom, near the Christmas caves shown below

Jesters deep inside the Christmas cave system.

The natural pools at Biscoitos

George considering a swim, but we persuaded him the locals might object to nudity!

This is Glen and Nancy’s house, which they are gradually developing. These are the most kind people you could ever wish to meet. He has been many things, including a Jester sailor and he will do anything to support a fellow Jester. Lovely people.

Christian the winner, Nancy, John and Glen facing camera. Below are two magnificent views from their lovely home. Today Glen is making a new tiller for Duncan! That’s the sort of man Glen is.

Pippin is to remain whilst I fly home to join Angie for our trip to Spain to see our second grand daughter for the very first time! Our son Sam asked her 3 year old elder sister whether she was excited about seeing granny and grandad very soon; “oh yes she said, because they are very old!” The honesty of childhood!

Meanwhile, my dear friends Pete and Tracey Goss, who have never been to the Azores, are coming over for a little holiday, returning in Pippin which they owned before me. That will be another lovely adventure for Pippin and I wish Pete and Tracey God speed and fair winds.

By ajay290

One comment on “Down time in Terceira – 2

  1. Hi John

    Sounds like you’ve had an amazing time and made a set of good friends. I note that you are all of a certain age….

    Enjoyed the pictures, especially the rock formations

    All the best to you and yours, enjoy your trip to Spain..


    On Wed, Jul 14, 2021 at 6:26 PM The Solo Voyages of Pippin, a Frances 34 Pilothouse wrote:

    > ajay290 posted: ” Operation Rudder – Duncan,George, Don, Colin > Irrepressible Brian the caver and friend Colin, also a barmy caver, dived > with snorkels to refit Duncan’s rudder, lost due to a split pin failure. I > cannot begin to express my admiration for Brian, who see” >

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