Vigo Slowly – 3


You Misbehave at your Peril

Being a restless sort, I usually wake with the urge to move on, as I did on days 1 & 2 in Viveiro, a little on day 3, ambivalent on day 4 and then – new feelings of happily staying put, like Renee, my new Belgian friend who arrived 3 1\2 years ago and shows no signs of moving on.  Indeed, days have become a blur, so I have to check regularly to remind me of the day of the week.  To be so  is both a privilege and a pleasure, though of course it takes will, determination and yes, a little selfishness  to create the opportunity.  As if to encourage me to stay,  the sun did occasionally visit me in Viveiro – it is amazing how friends met and weather shapes ones view of a place or situation, so departure kept slipping back.  Manana.

One keeps on learning lessons in life, particularly at sea,  and skipper’s error  is to be avoided, though it is  a not infrequent occurrence aboard Pippin and being solo, you all know where the buck stops.  Thus it was that Raz and I happily squelched back from a tapas bar to a flooded dinghy one evening,  and puttered most of the way home in darkness and pouring rain.  Now it is true that my little Suzuki has visited the bottom of the sea (skipper’s error arguably the cause), so I was not so surprised when it faltered then spluttered to a stop in the wet darkness: I  was quite sober once I had sweated back to Pippin, having dropped Raz at Noa.  Suffice to say that even a Suzuki needs fuel to run, as I discovered next morning; perhaps a little label with “fill me!!!”, to be hung from the yellow clothes peg?  I feel a book coming on here – perhaps titled; “skipper’s errors – true stories you won’t believe”.


Raz’s Ocean Going Home


Raz has a Washing Machine!!!

I have never met anyone with a washing machine on board, but Raz has  one for use when plugged in to shore power; nothing fancy, just a hose stuck in the back when in use.  He has an engine room I can  stand up in too and a chest freezer which I can almost stand up in,  but then Noa, all 14 tons of her, is his home.

We are an unlikely pair, with all the advantages on his side it peeves me to say, but a nicer, more modest person you could not meet and we enjoyed many laughs over tapas together.  He is heading East to explore, before returning to Vigo for the winter, though he is clearly a bottle short of a six pack for his plans include sailing in Patagonia.  In my humble opinion, you don’t sail in Patagonia – you get beaten up by monstrous seas and weather and probably don’t survive, if you play in Patagonia.    A software developer, he also has practical ability I can only dream of – but I’m not jealous; he is too nice.  And I don’t want to sail in Patagonia, or play with Albatross in the Southern Ocean.

Talking of power, this is something that you need plenty of if you are running a fridge and charging devices as I discovered during many days at anchor.  Aboard Pippin, I need to run the little Yanmar for a couple of hours a day to recharge the battery bank, something I need to sort before the next long trip, probably by installing a sizeable solar panel.  This of course is a good reason to stick with Rioja tinto, rather than a chilled white, at least for now.

From the Viveiro anchorage, there is little evidence of the pretty little town with its steep streets leading up to an old Church, but persevere and step through the ancient arched remains of the old town wall and walk up the ancient  narrow streets.  Catch your breath as you look up at the nondescript frontage of the Church, then step inside and you’ll find real beauty and peace – and respite from the rain.   A little beer in a small bar off the square rounded off that visit perfectly.

There were lots of healthy looking power walkers, male and female in Viveiro.  The Willis top prize went to the bronzed gentleman of a certain age  on the beach, whose Speedo swimming trunks barely did their job.  On each arm was a white weighted cuff, which he swung vigourously as he marched along – try as I might, I couldn’t find a set of arm weights in Gadis Hipermarket or fake tan either.  I continued to  creep up on the Tourist Information Office, during opening hours, but they saw me coming each time and I remain defeated; so I shall pass by this way again some time, in the hope I’ll catch them out one day.


Pippin Takes on Power and Water

Farewell from Viveiro in the sunshine!!!!!!


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