Hi from Ribadeo,

Due to technical difficulties, otherwise known as finger trouble, the first section of this post is in battleship grey with a rather fetching blue border on the left.  I have absolutely no idea how I achieved such a nice effect.



It is best not to start an international incident on arrival in another country, particularly when outnumbered, but I found myself unintentionally doing just that.  It was time to step ashore here in Ribadero to complete my ablutions, so I understandably headed for the yacht club which I assumed contained the appropriate facilities.  Outside the club stood 3 little older Alpha males busy eying each other up and clearly Spanish gentlemen for they were all immaculately groomed.  Being an unimpressive looking sort, at least to Alpha males, their interest was elsewhere as I approached, until I slid into the club by squeezing politely past them.  I was too quick for them though, as things were urgent.  Unfortunately only the Ladies  toilet upstairs was free and I just had to ignore the noisy signs of pursuit up the stairs behind me.  Anyway I was safely locked in and busy about my business before my pursuer began to berate me from the other side of the door, which he did loudly.  He quickly realised that a. I was no Alpha male and b. I probably had a significant neanderthal component in my gene stock, for I merely grunted in no language.  Departure was a tense moment and clearly the marina female staff were both horrified, for they just pointed round the corner when I mimed  taking a shower.

Two pairs of female and three pairs of Alpha male eyes followed me in silence as I headed for Pippin.  The funny thing was that an alarm went off in the yacht club as I casually strolled past to the showers next day.  As I came out,  one of the Alpha males had appeared and was hovering protectively outside the yacht club, but he did give me a gracious smile as I read out a greeting from my Spanish notes.


Ribadeo is a pretty little town, with all a yachtsman might want – except a sliced white loaf , essential to the art of making toast aboard the good ship Pippin.  Bread having been around for 30,000 years toast was hit upon as a way to make it last in the desert heat, though today’s sliced toaster toast is so full of stuff it lasts as long as it’s not eaten.  Anyway the Romans were bonkers about toast, the word coming from  the Latin “tostum”, to scorch or burn, an art I have perfected over the years, though complete perfection requires the First Mate’s marmalade and, of course, Guernsey butter.  Apart from the lengthy hunt for a sliced loaf (sadly there is no word for it in Cruisers’ Spanish, though I could ask for a shackle) shopping took a while as I was burdened with 2 over shoulder sacks and a trolley in tow, whilst simultaneously pulling out my Cruisers’ Spanish book, as I trotted round.  More like a Delta neanderthal male I suspect.

DCIM100GOPROAcross the river lies what looks like a shipyard, and I was startled to hear an air raid siren as I enjoyed a cockpit snack, which for a split second had me reaching for my  gas mask, but I soon realised this was the dinner gong for shipyard staff, for it went off again an hour later.  Later a gun salute went off, which puzzled me though a new president was elected today, so perhaps this was a special tribute to the new chief.


Being a boat nerd, I fell deeply in love with a little lateen rigged fishing boat that was sailed in last evening, by someone who very much knew what he was doing.  With a curvaceous hull and gorgeous wine glass stern she was even prettier than the lovely Orkney Yole I lusted after in the Orkneys.

Up river, warehouses on a quay piled with logs spoke of industry, though being Saturday the cranes were still, and on the river little boats floated upstream fishing, or perhaps for no reason at all, except for the pleasure of simply being on the water.  Low tide reveals sandbanks, though, a reminder to follow the channels to avoid grounding.


Given the fracas of my arrival I am now keeping a low profile (though I always wave at the marina ladies), which is easy enough as it’s a listless do-nothing sort of day and I have loads of boaty stuff to do – like deciding where I am going next.  Two things seem certain on that score though: the first is that I am likely to be rained on heavily, and the second is that the destination will be to the west.  I shall bore you no more, until I pop up somewhere else.


By ajay290

9 comments on “Ribadeo

  1. Great stuff, John; keep on feeding it to us. And that is a pretty good camera, as your pics bear a lot of expanding, to see the detail.

    Tahitienne had a professional polish this week, so put your sunglasses on when you return.

    Very best wishes,


    • Thanks Alan. The good pictures are GoPro, the less good are taken with my tablet, so much less good. Well done with the boat. She could take you anywhere.

  2. Dear John Greetings from Salisbury – newly cleansed and hopefully nerve-agent free! What adventures you do have and we hope a new Iberian war is not about to start – don’t mention the pesky rock down south as you lat siege to the lady’s facilities! It is great to be receiving your globe-trotting adventure news and we look forward to the next instalments. We continue busy and occupied at St Nicholas Hospital and had a good trip to Windsor yesterday for Cecily’s (granddaughter) birthday party at a stables in Dorney – a horse centred do. We’ll be thinking of you as you make your next move. Hasta la vista as they say where you are. Cheers

    Paul and Lindsey

    • Lovely to hear from you Paul, also to get your news. I came in search of sun but it’s conspicuous by its absence at present. I seem to have that effect on weather 😀
      Best wishes

  3. Great reading. I was in Ribadeo a couple of years ago – and it looked as grey as in your pictures. Where are you heading next? Fair wind. Ronald

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