Penzance Rumination

Penzance eccentric??  Well, you can have a full size pair of chocolate stilettos in various hues with your coffee at Maria Cia, all made on the premises.   I settled for gooey Portugese  chocolate cake, which the proprietor agreed was zero caleries at weekends.

Back in the dock I realised it was the first time visiting since 2004 that I had managed to connect to the power and water points, though my hose ended 2 boats away.  Still, buckets, agility and a little cussing had Pippin clean and shiny.  I felt it important to face a challenge looking smart – it’s an old Army habit; defeat or victory, always look your best.

As I prepare to again say farewell to delightful Penzance, I am delighted to note that those pesky twins ”Elf & Safety” have yet to reach these parts – you can still boil yourself alive in the showers, same price as 5 years ago.  Mind you, I don’t think the passcode (incuded in the leaflet) has changed since at least 2004, when  the last batch of leaflets was printed.  Judging by the large pile of leaflets in the office, it will be a while until it’s changed I guess.  Debit card machines haven’t reached here either – strictly cash only.

Spreading the charts out on the saloon table and ruminating on the forthcoming passage I spotted my little book ‘Spanish for Cruisers’, bought on the basis that my knowledge of Spanish is zilch.  Being an old soldier, I am good at tactics and have decided that mine will be to flag the phrases required and demonstrate total incompetence, whilst pointing to the requisite phrase with the biggest smile I can muster.  Its bound to work as I know the Spanish to be charming and courteous.  True I won’t have a clue about the reply but body language might give me a hint.  A reserve tactic might then be to solicit the assistance of gorgeous daughter in law Emi, if it’s something really important like where is the restaurant?

The seagulls were in action early this morning, picking over the remains of captain fry ups refuse though not mine, for some reason.  Perhaps my taste is too eclectic for them I thought, wandering off to the Tesco Express for UHT milk and emergency water.  Rosie filled my bags and clearly did not know where Guernsey was – but to be fair to her, she didn’t want to know either.  Penzance was quite enough for her.


Boat checks completed, it was time for a little passage planning.  Compared to the intricacies of tide rips, headlands, narrows and rocks, planning to cross a wide expanse of blank chart is relatively easy, even if the actual doing of it is not.  There also comes a point fairly early into the trip when turning back is not an option.  Looking at the weather forcasts, it seems I might need plenty of diesel – but then one never knows as those in the 1979 Fastnet Race found out.

I shall write no more about that, but will meet you at the other end, wherever that end might turn out to be; I might be tempting fate, but I do feel  lady luck owes me…….


By ajay290

14 comments on “Penzance Rumination

  1. Welcome back……. not too sure if it was me that got disconnected….or perhaps Ajay but enjoying your post once again. Um why did you sell Ajay? Was it the thought of being nice and dry in a wheel house? One must admit the older one gets ones needs for more comfort increases. Fair winds Tony in Australia 🍷😎

  2. Hi John, So you are on your way to Spain. Good luck and fair winds! I’m not sure if my emails have landed in your spam folder. But I still would like to join you in the warmth. Until then I keep reading. Don’t worry about body language in Spain. They are good with that. You will have great conversations! Take care. Cheers, Ronald

  3. Hi John, me again. You might wonder about SVEB. This is our business blog. So just ignore it. Cheers, Ronald

  4. John, apologies for lack of recent contact! Glad to know you are on the seas again, saw Pippin up on the Boatworks hard for weeks when she should have been afloat and thought you may have buggered off to Arab Land for more cash! Not sure I understand why Spain via Penzance, do you like making passages tougher than they need to be?
    Looking forward immensely to following you again and wish you fair winds and great sailing, does Pippin have AIS? Safe passage for you and Pippin.

    • Thanks Gresham. Leg to Penzance was to gain sea time and legs for the off after such awful delays. Also Penzance nicely placed for a run down Atlantic Biscay. Blog to follow😀

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