In Search of Harry Part Two

The sun contains 99.8% of the entire mass of the solar system, according to Wikipedia – yup, its a ‘biggie’. So big, it is incredible that it has barely been seen during the 4 months of this voyage. Today was different – I saw it all afternoon!

This prompted a modest celebratory hike, during which I probably saw more of the Firth of Lorn and the islands in an hour than on the trek North. Tea and a zzz in the cockpit? Yup☺


Craobh 1


Craobh 2


Craobh 3


Craobh 4


Craobh 5

Lovely though this place is, it is not the main reason Team A-Jay is holed up in Craobh….

Robert from Boat Electrics and Electronics was an ex-submariner, so probably a bottle short of a six pack, but he was a great bloke and disappeared inside the innards of A-Jay before you could say “Dive!! Dive!! Dive”.

Harry the Third went in with a struggle and is no doubt vastly more intelligent than the skipper – I certainly shan’t challenge his fertile electronic brain, but I am sure Team A-Jay will push him physically. Let’s hope he is up to the Irish Sea in a bad mood, particularly as the gyro compass is perhaps not ideally located.

Robert dragged Ray the Radar into the 20th century with a software upgrade too, so I hope he doesn’t show off and surprise me 😀


Harry Three

Robert was the first Serviceman I had ever met who didn’t like curry, though it might just have been the aroma of the skipper’s 3 day old curry which, I proudly confess, would have given a killer whale indigestion. Ancient Mariner next door asked if I had burned my lunch!!!

I covered myself in shame the previous evening, when same Ancient Mariner, who clearly was not a fan of Blur, asked me to turn down the stereo. This was odd as he hadn’t heard my loud “good afternoon” earlier and it was on low volume, but I had forgotten there are speakers on the poop deck.

One comes across ‘Elf & Safety’ in many forms whilst sailing, such as warning notices in the boat. A-Jay isn’t too bad, having just one that sensibly advises me to ” …. avoid asphyxiation ” which I generally manage to do. American boats have them all over the place – reminders such as “Don’t forget to pump out your toilet” or “Remember to be nice to the First Mate”, helpful I suppose when one is of a certain age and has mislaid the check list. An ‘elf & Safety notice in an Oban chippie caught my eye:

” More thin people than fat people get kidnapped. Stay safe – eat chips!”

The Master Plan is to try and make Bangor, the Northern Irish version, in one hop of about 20 hours, across my least favorite Sea. The weather is due to blow up so Glenarm would do if things get out of hand. Plans are after all no more than intentions, to be modified to suit.

Saga Mode dictates a pre-departure list be prepared, which set me thinking about the kit failures this trip which now, I am sure, includes a leaking water tank. Anyway a most important pre-departure task is the creation of a skipper’s stew ….. so toot toot!!!

By ajay290

2 comments on “In Search of Harry Part Two

  1. A 3 day old curry that would give a killer whale indigestion?? Wonderful!
    I think you have the beginnings of becoming a good photographer JMW, certainly your compositions have improved as the voyage has progressed, the camera of course does the rest!
    Safe passage to Bangor, fair winds and sunshine hopefully.


  2. Hi Gresham,

    my camera is now my trusty Tesco Hudl2 tablet c. £90 so I try harder to compensate for its failings. The backgrounds are a bit weak though.

    That curry …. Reckon you would have liked it☺

    Thanks for your best wishes – weather and other Gods permitting we’ll do it☺


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