In Search of Harry Three Part 1

Something nasty was annoying me … I wanted to dig deep into the darkness to find it and hurl it far away, but that would have meant yet another new phone  …. fresh raspberries with pineapple and tea, not a dream .. sharp bows cutting the pre dawn gloom in Oban Bay … Col ‘Polish’ waving farewell from the pontoon .. on towards the safe, welcoming glow of the green channel markers … 2 cables off Sgeirean Deiha – I would never get these Scottish names, though the magic of the place was growing; farewell Kerrera Sound.

Hand on tiller drinking Espresso; looking pretty damn cool in a new, red Musto BR2 space suit, last years stock, a little large, more Capt Mainwaring than Richard Gere I thought, now that Mrs Polish was not there to tell me otherwise. Grasping headland close, mastheads thrusted from Clachan Sound, marmalade and cheese rolls in the cold early grey dawn.

Mull hunched large across Firth of Lorn, Eilean Musdile and Lady’s Rock lights the Sound to guide, deadly Gulf of Corryvreckan slumbered a few leagues South at the top of the tide.

Paths Cross

Paths Cross

Pylons guarded the gate to Cuan Sound, 9.3 knots beneath the lines, skidded round Rhuba Breac, slicing through eddies and whorls, out at 8 knots, twice veteran of the awesome Sound. We had truly crossed our outward track, a wave to North bound ghost of Team A-Jay long gone.

In Craobh

In Craobh

“Pontoon B, Berth 30”, VHF 80 informed me and soon Team A-Jay stopped neatly alongside, 3 hours and 18 miles out. The sun would lose the war against the cloud’s embrace, but looked set to win a skirmish or two that day.  All was good.

Craobh Yacht Haven Entrance

Craobh Yacht Haven Entrance



WOW!!!! A Dragonfly 32 Touring!!!!! Boy oh boy oh boy!!!! Poooop poop!!

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