Sorry folks, the first paragraph should have read like this ……


“Team A-Jay weekend in Penzance

You won’t find anything posh left in the showers in Penzance ‘wet dock’, but you do get 8 minutes hot water for your £1, though actually this isn’t quite right.  You put the coin in, the countdown starts and you then have to run back into the shower room and disrobe – if like me you are bound like a sausage in salopettes and long johns it takes 2 minutes, so you have 6 left, just like Falmouth.  There the similarities end though, for Penzance ‘Wet Dock’ is delightfully laid back and makes but a passing glance at ‘elf & safety’, which means you can turn the hot water up as much as you like!”

My proof reader has just been keel hauled …….

By ajay290

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  1. Hi John, love your blog and to know you are safe and happy!You will have so many stories to tell……I am afraid I will not be joining you all in Dublin: a combination of £30,000 moving costs and £10,000 wedding costs this month; at least we spent some time together in Weymouth on our own…..with love as always, Caro xx

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